2016 Schedule

Friday, November 11th

5:30 Doors
6:45 Opening Film: '71

Set at the height of "The Troubles" of the United Kingdom during its titular year, '71 is a harrowing night for a British soldier trapped in a deathly hostile region of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Feature Film will be preceded by special guest speakers: Montgomery Walker of Yakima Valley College; and followed by a Q&A with a special guest.

Saturday, November 12th

3:00 Doors
3:35 Wildlike

A fifteen-year-old girl flees an abusive relative and makes her way through the Alaskan wilderness. Sweeping vistas provide a backdrop to this story's sensitive treatment of sexual abuse and teenage runaways.

Wildlike to be followed by a special guest speaker.

5:45 Gueros

Two brothers and their friends set out on a rambling quest to find an enigmatic musician in this self-aware art film filled with sly jokes and subtle commentary.

Gueros to be followed by special guest speaker: Rodrigo F. Rentería-Valencia, Ph.D. of Central Washington University.

Sunday, November 13th - FREE

1:00 Doors
2:00 Nocturna ( both English and Spanish on two screens)

When orphan Tim realizes his favorite star is suddenly missing from the night sky, he sets out on a journey through Nocturna - the night world - to confront his fears and find his star.

Nocturna to be followed by an educational activity for all ages!

4:30 Lola on the Pea 

Nine-year-old Lola lives with her mother on a houseboat, learning to cope with her father's absence and make friends with a newly-arrived immigrant family.