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Please click here to view our sponsors from our first annual Sagebrush Hills Film Festival!

As a non-profit arts organization, Sagebrush Hills Film Festival could not exist without the help and support of our community. We absolutely would not have been so successful from the very first year without the sponsorship of business partners and friends who understood what our mission is and took a leap of faith. Understanding this, we are dedicated to growing our organization bigger and better each year to bring our partners more and more exposure to festival attendees.

Sagebrush Hills Film Festival is creating a new market of film enthusiasts who want to come together in order to understand one another and create a stronger community. Brands who share the values of experimentation, promoting global awareness and positive social change will find that partnering with Sagebrush Hills Film Festival will put your product directly in the hands of your target demographic. There are so many ways to make a tax-deductible contribution, from direct financial support to providing goods and services! Whether you want to make an impact at our annual fall festival or you are looking to align your brand with Sagebrush Hills Film Festival's focused year-round programs, we offer dynamic, multi-platform sponsorship opportunities that can be tailored to your company's marketing goals.

For more information or a customized sponsorship proposal, please contact:

Soo Choi

Clayton Bussey

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